Join one of the fastest growing Apartment Locating Companies in Texas!

We are taking the apartment locating industry by storm. Why are we growing so fast?  At Texas Apartment Locating a division of Intell Realty™,LLC we have mastered digital marketing which gives us a huge online presence. Then top it off with our incredible rental rebate, which is quickly making us the number one choice in apartment locating for consumers. The rental rebate helps ensure the consumers don't forget to list us as their referral source! You have the freedom to choose your own schedule as you are an independent contractor and not an employee. You will have access to our Agent Portal Website to find a host of resources including online training and marketing ideas. 



What we offer:
  • Work remotely - Part Time / Full Time - Work the days and hours you choose - let us know the days and hours you choose to work and we will send company generated leads during those days and times.

  • High earning potential

  • No monthly fees! As long as you are billing at 1 lease per month or 12 per year. 

  • Commission split is 60/40 - You get 60%, 25% is going back to the customer and 15% goes to us for operating/marketing expenses.

  • Get more leases! With our rebate offer, customers have a good reason to follow through with making sure the apartment community knows you sent them by listing us as the referral source on the guest card and lease application.

  • Professional Image - Get the benefits of a franchise without the franchise fees

  • Get company generated leads!. Average leads per part-timer 75 and full-timers 150 per month!

  • Online training tools to teach you how to obtain additional leads

  • Strong Social Media Marketing Campaign - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn and more

  • Informative Website, Videos, & Blog

  • Company Referral App that you can share with potential referrers

  • Company Email Address & Custom Email Signature

  • Dedicated work phone number through an App

  • Agent Portal Website with resources to help grow your business

  • No more headache with trying to get paid! We handle all the billing! Get paid on even hard to collect from communities. We will take them to small claims court if needed to get paid. Our goal is to get paid on every lease - provided you have met their requirements. We will even bill communities that switch lease commissions! Have you ever sent a client to a community and they signed a lease and a month later the community is conveniently no longer paying on 6-month leases or the commission rate dropped? That is fraud in our book and in the court's eyes as well. We will bill them at what they listed at the time the customer signed the lease.

  • Apartment Locator contests and incentives

  • No MLS fees

  • Fast processing of checks - usually the same business day we get paid by the community we cut you a check!

  • No need to escort clients unless you choose to.

What we seek:
  • Must have a Texas Real Estate License - Experience helpful but not required for motivated self-starters

  • Must have access to computer, the internet, and have a smart phone 

  • Have a friendly demeanor and positive attitude

  • Excellent communication skills, organized and self-motivated

  • Enjoys being their own boss

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   Mon-Fri 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

   Sat 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

   Sun 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm



   OFFICE: 800-291-0959

   TEXT or CALL: 214-838-2732
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© 2020 Texas Apartment Locating is a division of Intell Realty, LLC  sponsored by a TREC licensed real estate broker, operated by a TREC licensed real estate agent.  Any rebate is subject to us being paid a locator referral fee and to the consent of the party the license holder represents in the transaction.