Rebate/Move Credit Qualification Guidelines 

  • "Texas Apartment Locating" must be recognized as all applicant's sole referral source by the apartment community. List "Texas Apartment Locating"  on any guest card offered & on EVERY applicant's rental application. 

  • You must meet any pre-registration requirements set forth by the apartment. Please notify your locator prior to visiting communities, so that in the event a community requires client pre-registration, your locator is capable of fulfilling this requirement. 

  • The amount of your cash rebate or move credit is determined by your monthly net rental rate on qualifying leases: 

       Rental rates under $1099 = $100 cash rebate or move credit

       Rental rates $1100 - $1399 = $150 cash rebate or move credit

       Rental rates $1400 - $1699 = $200 cash rebate or move credit

       Rental rates $1700 - $1999 = $250 cash rebate or move credit

       Rental rates over $2000 = $300 cash rebate or move credit


  • Your monthly rental rate is defined as the net effective average monthly rent after all concessions are applied. Concessions are any discounts and/or specials offered by the apartment community that reduce your monthly rent rate.

  • Apartment community must pay "Texas Apartment Locating" a locator service fee of no less than 50% of one month's rent to qualify for a rebate or move credit.

  • The Claim Rebate Form must be submitted after you have been approved for a lease and no later than 14 days after your move-in date. 

  • Only one apartment rebate and move credit is offered per lease, and the rebate must be issued in the name of a leaseholder. Only the first claim rebate form received with a leaseholder name will be recognized. 

  • Payment of the apartment rebate to you may be subject to the consent of the owner and/or the management company of the participating community.

  • You must meet the minimum lease term of the property to be eligible for a cash rebate or move credit. (Communities have set a minimum lease term that they require before they will pay a locator service fee. This varies by community some have a 6 or 7 month minimum while others require 12+ months.)

  • The apartment community you lease at must complete and sign a lease verification agreement form approving our invoice before a move credit or rebate can be issued. In the event an apartment does not send this form back at least 3 days before your move in date then any move credit requests will be replaced by a rebate check. In the rare event the apartment refuses to complete and sign a lease verification agreement form approving our invoice then we must wait for our locating invoice to be paid prior to issuing a rebate check.

  • Rebate checks are processed and sent First Class Mail the first Monday day after lease start date provided the apartment has approved our invoice.

  • If for any reason a property does not agree to pay or does not pay "Texas Apartment Locating" a locator service fee, this will constitute a retraction of our rebate/move credit offer altogether.


Move Credit Policy 

"Texas Apartment Locating" can pay your $100-$300 move credit towards your move to any licensed mover of YOUR choice after the apartment has verified your lease & approved our locator invoice. The following rules apply:

  • You are responsible for selecting the licensed moving company of your choice and scheduling your move.

  • The licensed moving company you choose must allow "Texas Apartment Locating" to pay them directly with a company credit card via telephone or online 24-48 hours before your move.

  • For your safety as well as ours, we are unable to pay your move credit to an unlicensed business or person. We simply can't risk giving our credit card number to an unlicensed business.

  • "Texas Apartment Locating" will not be liable to the moving company for any additional fees beyond your pre-paid move credit.

  • "​Texas Apartment Locating" will not be involved in any disputes that may arise between you and the moving company you selected. We will not refund you your move credit amount unless the moving company has issued a refund to us.

  • In the rare event an apartment does not pay "Texas Apartment Locating" we reserve the right to bill you for the exact amount we paid for your move.

Refer & Earn Policy

"Texas Apartment Locating" will email you a $50 Visa eGift Card within 3 days of move-in for every qualifying referral you send us. What is a qualifying referral? See below.

  • A person that you refer to us that actually utilizes our services. 

  • The referred customer must list "Texas Apartment Locating" on any guest cards and lease applications.

  • The referred customer must report their lease to us by completing the claim rebate form.

  • In the event "Texas Apartment Locating" is not to be paid a locator service fee this is considered a non-qualifying referral and NO gift card is issued.  




"Texas Apartment Locating" reserves all rights to modify all rebates, move credits, promotions, gifts, policies, and disclaimers without notice. However, rebates, move credits, and gift promotions will be processed and honored based on the Terms, Conditions & Disclaimers that were in effect on the date the Claim Rebate Form was submitted. 


Consent to Contact


When you inquire about an apartment through our website or with an agent of "Texas Apartment Locating" you consent to us contacting you via email, text, and/or phone.


Privacy Statement


"Texas Apartment Locating" does not collect social security numbers or other government identification numbers. We do not give or sell our client's information to outside sources or third party companies. All names, phone numbers, email addresses, and apartment addresses are completely confidential.