Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any fees to use your apartment locator service?

No, we offer 100% FREE apartment locating to you and receive our compensation from the apartment communities. At TEXAS APARTMENT LOCATING as a thank you for allowing us to earn your business, we share our locator service fee we collect from the apartment community with you! You are eligible for up to a $300 cash rebate! See the services we offer to you at no cost.


What areas do you cover?

We cover the metro areas of Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio. 


Can you help me find an apartment if I have a criminal record?

We will do our best to find you a second chance apartment, just let your locator know upfront so that we send you a list of apartments that will consider people with background issues. We are totally non-judgmental and assist individuals with bankruptcy, broken leases, bad credit, evictions and criminal backgrounds.


Will I still qualify for specials offered by the apartment community if I use a locator?
YES, you will still qualify for any specials or promotions that the apartment community offers! 


How is this service free and how do you offer rebates?

We are paid a locator fee by apartment communities when someone we send to their community leases an apartment. We then rebate a portion of our locator fee back to our client as a rebate. 


Can I still use your locating service if I'm interested in an apartment not on my apartment list? In most cases YES! As long as you have not previously visited the community and your locator provides you with information about the community that prompts you to visit that community.


Is there any reason I would NOT qualify for a cash rebate or move credit? 

MOST tenants will qualify. Here are the most common reasons a tenant would not qualify:

  • If any applicant fails to list TEXAS APARTMENT LOCATING as their "referral source" on the lease application and/or guest card, if you leave it blank, or if you list another locator or referral source.


  • If the apartment requires your locator pre-register you BEFORE you tour and you did not inform your locator.


  • If you do not meet the minimum lease term. (Communities have set a minimum lease term that they require before they will pay a locator fee. This varies by community some have a 6 or 7 month minimum while others require 12 months.)


  • If you don't submit a CLAIM REBATE FORM on our website within 15 days of move in.


  • If you are renewing an existing lease.


  • If the apartment community requires that we physically escort you to the apartment in person before they pay us a locator fee.


  • If you submit an online application and on the "How did you hear about us?" section you list another referral source such as the internet, craigslist, website, another locating firm, facebook, etc. - You must select apartment locator, locator service, realtor or real estate agent. If you have any question as to where to list our company on your application please ask your locator.

  • If the apartment community simply does not agree to pay us a locator commission. If a community does not agree to pay us it is usually because Texas Apartment Locating was NOT listed as your referral source on your application(s) or you did not meet the minimum lease term.


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