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Get a $50 eGift Card for every qualifying referral!

1. refer

Refer people through our mobile friendly website. It takes less than one minute to send a referral!

2. we contact referral

We contact the referral usually the same day by at least TWO methods of contact text, email and/or call. Your referral is likely to use us because of our outstanding FREE service + move in gift/rebate!

3. You get $50

When your referral utilizes our free service and leases through us - we reward you FAST! We will email you a $50 eGift card within 3 days of the customer moving in! 

Referral FAQ


Who can refer people to Texas Apartment Locating?

Anyone that has customers, friends, or colleagues! If you know someone looking for an apartment refer them to us!

When will I get the $50 Gift Card?

We will send you a $50 eGift Card of your choice within 3 days of move-in for every qualifying referral you send us.


What is a qualifying referral?

  • A person that you refer to us that actually utilizes our services. 

  • The referred customer must list TEXAS APARTMENT LOCATING on the guest card and lease application.

  • The referred customer must report their lease to us by completing the report lease form. 

  • We must be paid a locator placement fee. In the event we are not paid a locator placement fee this is considered a NON-QUALIFYING referral and NO gift card is issued. Usually, if we are not paid it is because Texas Apartment Locating was not listed on the guest card and/or application. 


How can I check the status of a referral?

If you ever want to check the status of a referral give us a quick call or send us an email.


Can I just verbally tell my friends about your apartment locating service? Will I still be eligible for a $50 gift card?

YES! We love word of mouth referrals! Just be sure you tell your friend to let us know you kindly referred us. We appreciate each and every referral. 



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