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Choose us and get more!

Not only will you get a designated professional apartment locator to assist you with your search for FREE, our clients are eligible for a fast cash rebate! The apartments pay us a referral fee when you lease your new apartment and list us as your referral source. We take a portion of what we will be paid and provide you with a cash rebate...FAST! Usually within 1-7 days of move in! We appreciate you listing us as your referral source!

Get up to a $200 Cash Rebate 


How to Qualify

It's incredibly simple! You just need to let the onsite leasing team know verbally and in writing (on guest cards, sign-in sheets, applications) that you were referred by Texas Apartment Locating!

The amount of the cash rebate is determined by your net effective monthly rental rate after specials/concessions are applied.


Rent rate under $999 = $50 cash

Rent rate $1000 - $1599 = $100 cash

Rent rate $1600 - $2199 =$150 cash

Rent rate over $2200 = $200 cash


Of course with any monetary offer terms and conditions apply.

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Want your rebate FAST?

We strongly advise taking a quick photo of your application showing that you listed us as your referral source. Doing so will assist us in speeding up the processing of your cash rebate!

  • What's the catch?
    There is no catch! We represent you and your best interests for FREE. Apartments pay us out of their advertising budget to have us find them new residents - it does not change your rent rate! We appreciate your business and appreciate you remembering to list us as your referral source on your application!
  • What makes your cash rebate offer better?
    Most other locating companies offering cash rebate incentives require you to wait until after the apartment community pays them before issuing a rebate. This typically means waiting 60-90+ days after move-in before receiving your rebate. However, with Texas Apartment Locating, we prioritize speed. We issue cash rebates quickly, often within 1-7 days of your move-in, even before we receive payment from the apartment community. And we will match any legitimate cash rebate offer!
  • What's the timeline and method for receiving my cash rebate?
    FAST! Rebates are swiftly processed and sent to your PayPal, Zelle, or Venmo account within 24 hours of the apartment staff confirming your lease and approving our invoice through our move-in verification form. Apartments typically complete this form within 1-7 days of move-in! If you don't have a PayPal, Zelle, or Venmo account, we can email you an Amazon Gift Card or mail you a standard check! Don't forget to snap a picture of your application indicating that you listed us as your referral source; this helps expedite the rebate process!
  • Is there any reason I would not qualify for a rebate?
    Yes, if the apartment community you lease at does not agree to pay us a referral fee, you won't qualify for a rebate, as the cash rebate is a portion of that fee. However, most tenants will qualify for a cash rebate. There are a few reasons why apartments might not agree to pay us. The two most common reasons are: firstly, if we're not acknowledged as the referral source, and secondly, if you haven't met the minimum lease term. Some apartments only compensate locator companies for leases that are 12 months or longer.


We will match any legitimate cash rebate offer.

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