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Crime Statistics - What You Need To Know When Apartment Hunting

You want to live in a neighborhood where you and your family will feel safe and secure. It’s one of the top considerations for people in the apartment hunting process. Crime statistics can tell you a lot about a neighborhood, and tell you the story of the potential risks that area encompasses.

Violent Crimes: The worst crimes in any area are of course violent crimes. While a violent crime can occur in any area, those with a higher rate of murders, rapes, robbery, assaults, and other violent crimes are the ones most people want to avoid. These statistics are the scariest because the threat of a violent crime against you or your family is one of the most serious. It’s important to remember when looking at statistics that many violent crimes happen within families and are often not random acts of strangers. However, any area with a higher than normal rate of such crimes is one you will want to avoid.

Property Crimes: This common category of crime includes such things as vandalism, theft, and other property damage. These crimes, like violent ones, can occur in any neighborhood, but there are some areas that carry a much higher risk. The statistics can tell you a lot, and so can looking around the neighborhood. Look for signs of vandalism as well as for signs that the area may be home to criminal elements. Some of the top statistics to consider are home burglaries, car theft, and vandalism.

Drug Arrests: Another of the major areas of crime statistics is drug related arrests. With drugs comes a higher risk of other crimes. Gangs and drugs often go together, so the statistics on one may well follow on the other. In a time when gang activity is no longer restricted to the inner city, it’s more important than ever to take a look at these statistics before you lease an apartment.

Every city maintains crime statistics that you can look at before you decide to make a move to a new apartment. They are often searchable online. If you are concerned about crime at the property or in the area, ask management and check with the local police department for any information it can provide about reported crimes or incidents. The law requires leasing staff and managers to answer all questions truthfully.

A helpful resource we have found is a website called, you can enter the apartment address you are considering and a crime map will show you recent crimes reported near that address. Remember, no one can guarantee that any neighborhood, apartment or home will be safe from crime. Crime occurs everywhere. You should always take sensible precautions to protect yourself, your family and your property.

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