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Introducing FREE Apartment Pre-Qualification Reviews

You may be thinking what is the purpose of a pre-qualification review? The purpose is to verify you meet the community's basic qualifying rental criteria BEFORE you apply, this reduces the chance of application rejection and application fee loss, it also saves you valuable time. We do pre-qualifications based on the information that YOU provide us. We do not collect personal identification numbers.

Here are some examples of when getting pre-qualified for an apartment is a good idea.

* If any applicant has a negative rental issue such as a past eviction, broken lease or other landlord debt.

* If any applicant has a past bankruptcy or foreclosure.

* If any applicant is unsure if they earn enough money to qualify.

* If any applicant has a misdemeanor or felony on their background.

* If any applicant has poor credit.

* If any applicant has a large breed dog or multiple pets.

At Texas Apartment Locating, our goal is that our clients are approved at the first apartment they apply to. We don't like to see our clients lose money on application fees. There is no doubt that getting pre-qualified will reduce the chance of application denial, however, it does not guarantee approval. There are certain factors such as debt to income ratio and credit scoring platforms that can't be evaluated before you apply.

If you are interested in getting a pre-qualified for a certain apartment from your customized list please inform your locator and your locator will be happy to assist you!

Need help finding your next apartment? We would love to assist you! Start your apartment search today!

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