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Finding Apartments Zoned in Good School Districts

If you have school age children, schools are something you will need to take into consideration when you search for an apartment. In most areas, certain boundaries define which schools your children will go to.

Step one: Determine what area you NEED to live in.

Many times the first priority is finding an area that is convenient to your workplace or to family. Perhaps you don’t want to commute more than 30 minutes each way to work. Or maybe you need to be close to relatives that help out with your kids.

Step two: Research districts near the area you NEED to live in.

Once you determine where you need to live then research different school districts in the area. Find out if the schools in that district tend to be highly rated, and what kind of test scores are generally seen among students in the district schools. All of this information is readily available online at * Note an overall school district can have subpar ratings but individual schools within the district can have much higher ratings.

Step three: Inform your Locator

Once you decide on a school district or two...or even certain schools within a district then let your locator know. Your locator will search for apartments in the district(s) or schools you desire and will try to match as much of your other criteria as possible.

Expect higher rent rates

Exemplary school districts are often met with higher rent prices. WHY? Simply put, supply and demand. There may be only a few apartments within that district's boundaries which means supply is low and they have a high demand for those units. A landlord who owns market-rate apartments is free to attempt to rent the units at whatever price the local market may fetch. Many parents will pay a little more for rent because it is less expensive than private schools.

When you can’t afford the apartments in the school district you desire.

Is open enrollment an option? What many parents don’t know is in Texas, the state allows each district to set its own open enrollment policies. Open enrollment refers to whether parents can send their children to any public school, regardless of where it is located. This usually involves either particular needs that can’t be met by the in-district school, or a fee or lottery system to allow your child to attend the school of your choice. Find out what the rules are in the apartment school district you are considering residing in BEFORE you sign a lease.

Another option is “home school” or “online learning”. With the recent school closings due to COVID many parents discovered their children do very well learning outside a traditional classroom.

Keep in mind boundaries CHANGE - and one complex can be zoned in more than one district. You see this with some larger complexes.

Always verify directly with the property which school your child will attend. You can also provide the anticipated new apartment address to the school to confirm.


We can’t determine which school is best for your child but we will work hard to help you find an amazing apartment in the school district you desire. Start your apartment search today!


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