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Unclutter Your Apartment In Ten Easy Steps

Clutter, which is defined as things that lie about untidily, is often linked to creativity. So, just how much imagination will it take to tidy up your space? Knock it out over a weekend or space it out over 2-3 week period. You can make it happen in ten easy steps.

Step # 1: Set A Schedule

You are much more likely to stick to a routine, whatever it may be, if you work on a schedule. In addition, this allows you to clean when you can minimize interruptions and maximize your time.

Step # 2: Set A Goal For Each Room

If you can visualize what you want, you will be better able to achieve it. By setting goals for each room, you can note the things that need changing and work toward that goal one day at a time.

Step # 3: Create A Timeline

When do you hope to have your home completely free of clutter? One week, two weeks or even a month? Depending on your schedule and the amount of clutter that you have, it may take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks before you can kick back and relax again.

Step # 4: Start Small

The clutter in your home didn’t appear overnight, and it won’t disappear overnight either. If you start small, you will be less likely to get frustrated and give up midway through your cleanup.

Step # 5: Categorize Your Clutter

When cleaning, it’s important to categorize your items into groups. By separating the items that you want to keep, sell, toss and donate, you will be able to move through your clutter quickly and efficiently.

Step # 6: Letting Go

A good rule of thumb for uncluttering your home is to get rid of anything that you haven’t used within the past year. If it’s still useful, consider donating it to a good cause or have an online garage sale on Facebook Marketplace or Ebay.

Step # 7: Storing Your Seasonal Apparel

When storing seasonal clothing, purchase a sturdy plastic storage bin with a lid and roll your clothes instead of folding them in an effort to maximize storage capability. When full, snap the lid on and slide the unit under your bed.

Step # 8: Closet Organization

Did you know that your choice of clothes hangers can greatly impact the storage capacity of your closet? Wire hangers take up less space and can save your shirts from getting that annoying shoulder bump that often arises from the use of plastic hangers. There are also hangers that are designed to save space allowing you to hang several items on one hanger. Just google "space saving hangers".

Step # 9: Shoes Blues

When it comes to storing shoes, many people are fighting a losing battle with clutter. How many pairs of shoes do you own? How neatly are they stored? If your shoe storage has you down, try purchasing clear lidded shoe boxes. These handy creations can house each pair of shoes and can be stacked neatly in your closet. And best of all, you can see your shoe collection without having to sift through a sea of sandals.

Step # 10: Enjoy Your Decluttered Home!

Now that the hard work is over, grab a glass of wine or cup of coffee and sit back and celebrate your accomplishment! Invite some friends over to relax and enjoy your freshly decluttered home. Who knows, they might even be interested in some of the things you’re getting rid of. That’s a win-win situation!

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