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Ready to Apply? Tips to Speed Up the Process.

Are you ready to apply? Below you will find Ten Application Tips that will likely increase application approval and help speed up the application process.

Application Tips

1. Read the qualifying rental criteria. In Texas, the Landlord is required to give you the apartment community's rental criteria BEFORE you apply. Read it carefully, if you do not meet the criteria you are at risk of application rejection. If you feel there is something on the Rental Criteria you may not meet - ask the on site leasing agent for clarification. Sometimes a community can approve an applicant that does not meet a certain qualification - usually known as an approval with conditions. This could be to ask you for a higher deposit or risk fee as a condition for approval.

2. Ask what is required to apply and provide it. Typically, you will be asked for 2-4 most recent pay stubs or an offer letter. They may require app/admin fees are paid by money order or paid online. They may ask for the deposit upfront or they may ask for it at move in. Each community is a little different, so what one property requires may be different than another.

3. No blank spaces & legible. When filling out the application, DO NOT leave any blank spaces, if something does not apply write in N/A for not-applicable. Write in print and legibly if you are filling it out by hand.

4. Accurate dates & contact details. The application process can be slowed to a snail's pace when dates are not matching or the apartment you applied at can't reach your employer or past landlord. Make sure the dates you provide are as accurate as possible in regards to employment hire date and previous residences. Be sure all of the contact details for your previous Landlords and Employers are accurate and give as many possible ways to contact them.

5. List "Texas Apartment Locating" as referral source. Almost all applications will ask "How did you hear about us?" or "How did you find us?" this is where you list our company and your locator's name. If you are submitting the application online you may be given a “check box option” with a drop down menu - please select LOCATOR SERVICE, APARTMENT LOCATOR, or REAL ESTATE AGENT. If you don't see a place to list our information on the application please let your locator know.

6. Ask how long the application takes to process AND what is refundable if denied? Most applications take 2-3 days to process, however, they can take up to 7 days after submission of a complete application. Most application fees are non-refundable, occasionally the administration fee is not refundable either.

7. Be polite & patient but NOT silent. After application submission, wait 24-48 hours before you start following up. The community may ask for additional information and it is best to provide this as quickly as possible. Politely follow up every 1-2 days until you have an answer.

8. Don't take your frustration out on the office staff. It is easy to get frustrated when your application is taking longer to process than you anticipated. Many times the staff is waiting on other people to send back information so they can finish processing your application. Such as your employment verification or a former landlord reference. If you have not heard your application results after 7 days - please let your locator know.

9. Once Approved - LET YOUR LOCATOR KNOW! Apartments do not notify us when your app is approved or denied due to privacy policies.

10. If Denied - LET YOUR LOCATOR KNOW! Many times the apartment staff will tell you why your app was denied. This information is important to know BEFORE you apply at another property.

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